Adolfo Valle

I'm an illustrator specializing in creative art for editorial and marketing.
My visual interpretations are customized to fit any of your needs and are carefully tailored to drive home an editorial viewpoint or highlight your current marketing strategies and brand identity. From traditionally printed full page openers to thumbnail sized spot imagery for your homepage I strive to create strong, clear imagery that communicates your unique message. I have successfully worked within strict and ever-changing deadlines and last minute editorial changes, so multi-tasking and 'need it now' skills are in the blood. I cut my editorial teeth at Newsweek Magazine as the cover art director of Newsweek International for nine years.
In that time I worked with illustrators and photographers to create imagery that spoke to vast audiences across the globe. During my travels I've also served as a jury member for the Society of Illustrators 53rd Annual of American Illustration and I currently teach both Digital Illustration and Communication Design at Kingsborough College and NJCU.
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