Martin Elfman

Martín Elfman is a spanish-argentinian illustrator and traveller. Was born in Buenos Aires and has lived in San Diego, a kibbutz in Israel, Barcelona, Lisbon, Venice, Naples and La Paz (Bolivia).

In 1999’s summer he begins working as a street caricaturist in London. Surprised that people liked those sketches he has been doing for his entire life, he spent the next decade traveling with his easel by cities across Europe and living in Italy.

From 2006, back to Barcelona, becomes a contributor to the Spanish newspapers El País and El Periódico de Catalunya (where one of his first illustrations wins a “European Newspaper’s award”) and to Letras Libres (Mexico and Spain), Etiqueta Negra (Peru) and El Malpensante (Colombia), among many other magazines.

After four years living in Bolivia -where has cooperated with the Spanish Embassy, local newspapers and several NGO's on projects related to education and human rights-, has recently moved back, once again, to Barcelona.

His work has been shown in Argentina, Peru, Bolivia, Colombia, Mexico, Spain, Italy and Japan.

"In my work I try to create images with strong ideas expressed in a simple and elegant way. The task of a good illustration is to dialogue with the text and look for new and surprising ways of showing the hidden concepts under its words. The success depends on the amount of wit employed to solve the challenges posed by the assignment.The goal, on asking the viewer's active participation in reading the message. He's the one that completes the sense of a good illustration."

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