Pablo Amargo

Pablo Amargo periodically collaborates with newspapers and magazines: The New York Times, El País Semanal, The New Yorker, Jot Down Magazine, The Boston Globe, The Washington Post, La Vanguardia… He also illustrates and designs books covers, posters and publicity. His books were published by many international publishing houses: Bárbara Fiore, Random House, Media Vaca, Anaya, Ediciones SM, Kalandraka, La Joie de Lire (Suiza)….

In his illustrations he wishes to show the strangeness of the world, but he really is showing us his world's strangeness. Pablo is fond of visual paradoxes, urban landscapes, contemporary paintings, botanic gardens, vintage pictures and life occurrences which precision he admires. His work has been recognized with several important illustration awards: The Award of Excellence from Communication Arts Annual in 2013 and 2014, Society of Illustrators in NY, Selected Winner in American Illustration Annuals. Pablo received a Silver Medal from the Society of Newspaper Designer's Awards USA 2014 for an illustration created for The Boston Globe / art director Lesley Becker.

Among other awards he received the most important Spanish Illustration's Award: the National Spanish Award, the Illustration Lazarillo Award, the Bank's Book of Venezuela Award, the Plaque Biennial of Illustration.

The book "Casualidad" won the CJ Picture Book Award (Korea 2012), the Gold European Design Award 2012 (Finlandia 2012), the Junceda Iberia Award (Spain 2012), the Motiva Award (Spain 2012) and was also selected in Ilustrarte, Bienal of Ilustration of Portugal 2011 and the American Illustration 2013 USA.

Besides, he was selected in Bologna Book Fair in 2003, 2005 and 2009 and in Ilustrarte, Bienal of Ilustration of Portugal in 2003, 2005, 2007 and 2011.

He usually participates in conferences, congresses and committees about Illustration in several countries (Spain, México D.F., Ucrania, Venezuela, Ecuador, Milán, Bolonia...).

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