Errata Carmona

My name is Antonio Carmona, though my professional name is "Errata Carmona". I am from Seville, southern Spain.

After completing my studies in Graphic arts, I worked at printing house for an extended period of time. I then decided to move to Granada, to focus on my real passion, Illustration and Graphic design. I spent a year studying Illustration and Comic design at "Estación Diseño" to gain a degree. I was self-taught prior to getting formal training.

I am currently studying and working as a freelance artist illustrator.

My work is mainly focused on graphic design and illustrations for magazines, books covers, children's books, branding, posters, logos, etc.

The style of my work emphasizes communication as well as being esthetic. I strive to be concise and bold. I always consider the visual impact and metaphor in my final work.

My inspiration is found in my daily life, home, the streets, the park or any store. I am in a constant looking for "the idea" which is based on the most basic and natural things.

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