Francesco Zorzi

I co-founded in 2000 the studio nearby Florence, Italy. Starting as a three-people studio, now Alias is running with eighteen employees. I am working on illustration, graphic and intermedia projects with particular attention to research and experimentation in the field of visual and editorial design.
I have a master degree in architecture, and since 2006 I am a professional member of AIAP (Italian National Association of Visual Designers). I’m currently in charge of the creative department of, with a pluriennal experience as comic strip’s cartoonist, I am featuring the latest edition of 200 Best illustrators Worldwide by Luerzer’s Archive and the 2016 release of 3x3 Illustration Directory by Charles Hively. Honors:

- Spollo Kitchen, 100 posters selected by an international jury for a 550 pp book published by Corraini Edizioni
- Luerzer’s Archive special 200 Best Illustrators Worldwide 14/15, feat. with 4 poster illustrations
- 3x3 Illustration Directory, Illo 2016
- 2015 Social for Good Competition, RDG Canada, feat. the winner project Ih8War by Charles Hively with an illustration

My influences come from comics (Andrea Pazienza's creativity, Carl Barks' inventions, Floyd Gottfredson's sexy lines) to literature (Italo Calvino), cinema and from wide variety of music I listen to everyday.
I am inspired by the pop visual spirit of the Push Pin Studios, the stunning works of Paul Rand and Saul Bass, and by the Italian visual design culture's masters: Bruno Munari and Albe Steiner.

Francesco Zorzi Portfolio